Ancestry Moon’s Personal Expressions of Art

By Carrie Channell

Salima Cobb-Collins, owner of Ancestry Moon, 10338 S. Western, has developed a very personal art gallery that is also so much more. More than just a place to display of local artists’ work, the gallery provides a space for community where artists can paint, critique, and learn about techniques, installations, art history and even the business of art.

Throughout the year Cobb-Collins leads field trips to museums, gallery openings and festivals, and the Ancestry Moon artists collectively enter contests. The art on display is commissioned with part of the proceeds going toward installing shows twice a year, one in spring and one in winter.

The theme of Ancestry Moon is that of belonging. Cobb-Collins encourages her students and regular artists to tap into their personal histories and their ancestry and create works of art that connect people. Often, artists who have never met before identify with each other’s traditions and sometimes realize that they come from the same place.

The “moon” in the gallery name is the symbol for each person’s inner self, opposite the outgoing “sun.”  Cobb-Collins keeps a quote on the wall to remind herself and the artists of this: “The moon is the key to the deeper emotional self.  It’s where your secrets and desires live.”

Cobb-Collins also conducts family friendly events, including, “Mommy and Me” and couples-painting workshops. She serves home schoolers of Beverly/Morgan Park and does ministry work with local churches.

During the week a regular group of artists meet to paint, critique and socialize in the afternoons. Classes are available for intermediate and advanced students including weekend instruction for beginners and three-hour open paint workshops. Hours, special events and info: 312-956-5965.


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