A Neighbor to Know: Mrs. Markham 

A Neighbor to KnowMrs. Markham 

Every summer, a patch of flowers on the east and west corners of 99th Street and Vanderpoel Avenue welcome people to the Vanderpoel Improvement Association (VIA) and our community. 

This garden spot begin when neighbor James Markham planted brilliant orange lilies more than 40 years ago. Since then, his wife, Ruth Markham, has tended the corner garden every springAt the end of February, she was recognized by the VIA for her many years volunteering to tend the corners.    

‘We as a community are always grateful for each and every contribution to the upkeep and beautification of where we live,” said the VIA newsletter. “Mrs. Markham, a true gardener has now retired from her volunteer service. Vanderpoel Improvement Association [thanks her for her] years of dedication to the upkeep and beautification of our neighborhood. 

Mrs. Markham has lived on the 9800 block of Vanderpoel since 1977. Everyone who drives down 99th Street during the spring and summer should add their voices to the VIA in thanking Mrs. Markham for adding so much beauty to our travels.  


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