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Present your BAPA Card when you make a purchase and enjoy savings at these local businesses!


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[av_catalogue_item title=’Free 4” Coleus or 4” Tomato plant’ price=” id=’1934′ link=’manually,http://www.steuberflorist.com/’ target=’_blank’ disabled=”]
Steuber Florist and Greenhouse, 2654 W. 111th St.
[av_catalogue_item title=’10% off shoes and apparel with your BAPA card’ price=” id=’1980′ link=’manually,http://www.kleesgolf.com/’ target=’_blank’ disabled=”]
Klees Golf Shop, 10436 S. Western
[av_catalogue_item title=’2 months unlimited for $100′ price=” id=’1989′ link=’manually,http://barreitall.weebly.com/’ target=’_blank’ disabled=”]
Barre It All LLC- Fitness Studio, 11114 ½ S. Kedzie
[av_catalogue_item title=’$1 off on 2lb. bag of coffee, $1 off breakfast purchase of $25 or more, $1 off Salmon Benedict on Fridays’ price=” id=’1997′ link=’manually,http://www.beverlycoffeeroasters.com/’ target=’_blank’ disabled=”]
Beverly Bakery and Cafe, 10528 S. Western
[av_catalogue_item title=’$10 off any oil change’ price=” id=’1995′ link=’manually,http://www.beverlyhillsgarage.com/BHG/Welcome.html’ target=’_blank’ disabled=”]
Beverly Hills Garage, 2043 W. 95th St
[av_catalogue_item title=’Unlimited Spin for June – August, $99 per month’ price=” id=’2000′ link=’manually,http://www.beverlyrideon.com/’ target=’_blank’ disabled=”]
Beverly Ride On, 2940 W. 95th St.
[av_catalogue_item title=’10% off your purchase’ price=” id=’2003′ link=’manually,http://www.beverlyrecords.com/’ target=’_blank’ disabled=”]
Beverly Records, 11612 S. Western Ave.
[av_catalogue_item title=’20 classes/$240 (not available online)’ price=” id=’2005′ link=’manually,http://www.beverlyyogacenter.com/’ target=’_blank’ disabled=”]
Beverly Yoga, 1917 W. 103rd St.
[av_catalogue_item title=’$10 off oil change, transmission service; $25 off any repair over $100′ price=” id=’2007′ link=’manually,http://www.brachsautocenter.com/’ target=’_blank’ disabled=”]
Brach’s Auto Center, 10333 S. Western Ave.
[av_catalogue_item title=’5% off all food/beverages (excludes retail)’ price=” id=’2009′ link=’manually,http://bridgeportcoffee.net/retail/coffeehouse-beverly/’ target=’_blank’ disabled=”]
Bridgeport Coffee, 9135 S. Western Ave.
[av_catalogue_item title=’10% off in-store purchases of $25 or more’ price=” id=’2011′ link=’manually,http://calabria-imports.com/’ target=’_blank’ disabled=”]
Calabria Imports, 1905 W. 103rd St.
[av_catalogue_item title=’Free dessert w/Thursday Night Dinner purchase (does not apply to GF items)’ price=” id=’2013′ link=’manually,http://elliescafe.com/’ target=’_blank’ disabled=”]
Ellie’s Café, 10701 S. Hale Ave.
[av_catalogue_item title=’Free Rosemary Mint Shampoo and Conditioner travel size with a Men’s cut, 25% off Men‘s Shave Line with purchase of Aveda Men’s Shampoo and Conditioner’ price=” id=’2015′ link=’manually,http://www.everythingsrelativesalon.com/#!services/c13aa’ target=’_blank’ disabled=”]
Everything’s Relative, 10548 S. Western Ave.
[av_catalogue_item title=’15% off all merchandise in month of June’ price=” id=’2021′ link=’manually,http://www.figliaboutique.com/’ target=’_blank’ disabled=”]
Figlia Boutique, 9907 S. Walden Pkwy
[av_catalogue_item title=’Free socks with purchase of shoes valued over $100′ price=” id=’2019′ link=’manually,http://www.runningexcels.com/’ target=’_blank’ disabled=”]
Running Excels, 10328 S. Western Ave.
[av_catalogue_item title=’20% off purchase (excluding groceries and discounted products)’ price=” id=’2023′ link=’manually,http://www.southtownhealthfoods.com/’ target=’_blank’ disabled=”]
Southtown Health Foods, 2100 W. 95th St.
[av_catalogue_item title=’10% off any bill $30 or more (Mon-Fri only)’ price=” id=’2025′ link=’manually,http://harriganbros.com/’ target=’_blank’ disabled=”]
Original Pancake House, 10437 S. Western Ave.
[av_catalogue_item title=’1 free class with 20-class pack purchase’ price=” id=’2027′ link=’manually,http://www.treadfitbeverly.com/’ target=’_blank’ disabled=”]
Treadfit, 10326 S. Western Ave.
[av_catalogue_item title=’20% off one in-store purchase’ price=” id=’2029′ link=’manually,http://www.rmhinteriors.com/’ target=’_blank’ disabled=”]
RMH Interiors + Design, 1802 W. 103rd St.
[av_catalogue_item title=’¼% commission rebate when listing or selling with Fitzgerald Real Estate’ price=” id=’2031′ link=’manually,https://www.facebook.com/fitzgeraldreinc/’ target=’_blank’ disabled=”]
Fitzgerald Real Estate, 11134 St. Western Ave.
[av_catalogue_item title=’$35 off any service call, can not be combined with other offers’ price=” id=’2038′ link=’manually,http://serviceexpressheatingandair.com/’ target=’_blank’ disabled=”]
Service Express Heating and Air, 150 E St. Charles Rd., Villa Park
[av_catalogue_item title=’$20 off any emergency call performed after hours for BAPA members ‘ price=” id=” link=” target=”]
Assured Air, LTD., 8440 Archer Avenue, Willow Springs, IL 60480


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