Village Viewpoint January 2022 

  By Mary Jo Viero  BAPA Executive Director  The new year is here, and I am so excited! One of my favorite things to do is buy a yearly planner […]

Happy Anniversary, BAPA! 

Happy Anniversary, BAPA!  The Beverly Area Planning Association turns 75 this year! That’s 75 years of serving Beverly/Morgan Park with programs rooted in making our community stronger, more connected and more beautiful.   Since […]

Thank You BAPA Members! 

Thank You BAPA Members!  BAPA brings out the best in our neighborhood, and we are able to do that because our neighbors give where they live. BAPA works hard to make sure every dollar […]

New Neighbors – Meet the Ciani Family 

  By Kristin Boza  Morgan and Kate Ciani had a circuitous route to their new home in Beverly/Morgan Park. Kate grew up on the South Side and was familiar with the area, while Morgan, who lived in […]

22nd Police and Community Work Together  

By Grace Kuikman  It’s not every day that real-life crime solving goes as smoothly as a television police drama, but the hardworking officers of the 22nd District police recently shared a crime […]

A Historical Surprise Right in Our Back Yard 

  By Tina Jenkins Bell  BAPA School Liaison  Before either Beverly or Morgan Park was annexed as an official Chicago neighborhood, Morgan Park Academy, 2153 W. 111th St., was one of […]