April Village Viewpoint

Green is my favorite color for many reasons. Its many shades are simply beautiful but is can also mean renewal and growth.   Last month, green signified the end of winter and the beginnings of spring.   This month green means something entirely different. In April, green is an action word.  If you Google the term “Going green,” you will find this definition: “To pursue knowledge and practices that can lead to […]

Stepping Up Litter Control with Litterati 

By Cathriona Fey  BAPA Community Outreach  Community-Wide Litter Pick-Up Challenge Inspired by Local Resident and Powered by Technology  Communities across the country are testing ways to prevent littering and keep their hometowns clean. Signage, more trash cans, catchy marketing campaigns, fines, and street cleaning teams have all been explored. However, according to Beverly/Morgan Park resident and Behavioral Scientist Natalie Hallinger, the best answer may […]

Find Joy in Music at The Music Scene 

  By Kristin Boza  When Anisha McFarland Hill, an accomplished vocalist and musician, founded The Music Scene in 2016, she wanted to give the gift of music to anyone over the age of 40. Since music education classes typically cater to the younger generation, Hill sought to help older people discover the beauty and joy of learning piano, English handbells, or voice.   Located in a space […]

Best of Beverly/Morgan Park: Play Dates! 

  By Kristin Boza  Kids of all ages have plenty to do as the weather warms up in Beverly/Morgan Park! Play dates are back in full swing, so gather up all the littles in your pandemic bubble and supercharge the fun in this edition of the Best of Beverly/Morgan Park: Play Dates!  Little Hoppers Play […]

BAPA’s Earth Day Art Contest Asks Neighbors to Consider the 5 Rs 

By Cathriona Fey  BAPA Community Outreach  Students throughout Beverly/Morgan Park have started creating environmentally-inspired designs for BAPA’s Earth Day art contest. BAPA is looking for one–of–a–kind art to use year-round to promote its environmental initiatives.  Students are asked to create a Renew Beverly/Morgan Park poster that integrates the 5 Rs and includes “BAPA.” Submissions are due by Sun., Apr. 11.   This spring, […]

Calabria Imports Going Green 

  By Cathriona Fey  BAPA Community Outreach   While working events at the Shedd Aquarium and Field Museum, Julia Roberto of Calabria imports, had no other choice but to “go green.”  Eco-friendly policies guide the plates, cups, and disposal processes that are required for weddings, corporate gatherings, and other events that take place at two of our city’s most important tourism destinations. Roberto gained not only […]

Local Students Organize Free Store Donation Drive 

  The need for food and hygiene essentials is still high in Beverly/Morgan Park; so many more people have been in need of these items since the COVID-19 pandemic began and many lost their jobs.   Demonstrating a desire to help, five local Chicago Public Schools are coordinating a student-led donation drive to benefit the Free Stores organized by the […]

Sports and Ortho” Sophisticated Diagnosis and Treatment 

By Brittany Wiley  BAPA Business Liaison  Sports and Ortho Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, 10909 S. Western, is a woman-owned private practice opened in 2005 by owner Dahlia Fahmy. There are 7 locations across Chicagoland.  Fahmy is a Fellow of Applied Science, a title only held by three therapists in the world.  She worked with […]

BAPA Seed and Garden Supplies Drive Embraces the Free Box Spirit In Honor of Megan Robb 

  By Cathriona Fey  BAPA Outreach Liaison  Megan Robb was a regular in the Beverly Free Box Facebook group. She appreciated the sense of community that the group created, and when the announcement was made about Robb’s passing after battling metastatic breast cancer, it was clear the community appreciated her. While several people knew Robb as a good friend or familiar face in the neighborhood, those […]

Parties in the Time of COVID 

Tips for Gathering Safely and Sanely   By Laura Hayes  It’s been a year since the world – and events – shut down. A year since we gathered in people’s homes without wearing a mask. A year since we stood to watch a bride go down the aisle. A year since we crammed onto a dance floor and boogied the night away.   Finally, there is light at […]