BAPA Update 

    New Neighbors Meet and Greet  If you’re new to Beverly/Morgan Park and interested in learning more about the community and meeting other news neighbors in an outdoor, socially […]

Village Viewpoint August 2020

As we make our way through the second half of 2020 and continue on the roller coaster ride of the pandemic, I can only say, we are still here. We are still here.   It’s nature to always […]

Our Response to Readers 

    In the July issue of The Villager, BAPA ran a front page article on the Moms of Beverly Facebook page and its anti-racism policy.   The article generated more response that […]

New Neighbors: Nikki and Pat Donnelly 

By Kristin Boza  Since moving into their North Beverly home in February 2019, Nikki and Pat Donnelly have become entrenched in all that Beverly/Morgan Park has to offer.   Before moving to our community, the Donnellys, […]

Musicians Jazz Up Friday Night Porch Concert  

By Kristin Boza  Dakarai Barclay only moved to Beverly/Morgan Park a few months ago but the young musician already has many local fans.   Barclay brought his musical talents to BAPA’s Friday Night Live Porch Concert series in […]

Think Before You Click 

By Brittany Wiley  BAPA Business Liaison  In the age of Amazon and coronavirus, ordering with the click of a button seems like the smart choice. Not only are we addicted to the immediate […]

Free Stores Assist Neighbors 

  Continuing to respond to the ever-changing economic and living situations influenced by the pandemic, the local Free Store last month added an emergency food option for area families. The all-volunteer group provides a […]

New Business Blooms on Walden Parkway 

By Brittany Wiley  BAPA Business Liaison  On July 11, Oak & Bloom celebrated the grand opening of their boutique at 9909 S. Walden Pkwy.  Step inside their captivating space to […]

Beverly/Morgan Park Garden Walk 

  After a rough spring and summer of cancelled plans and foregone gatherings due to pandemic restrictions, BAPA is planning an outdoor event that’s sure to restore community spirits: the Beverly/Morgan Park Garden Walk.   Join us on Sun., […]