Village Viewpoint

By Susan Flood When I was starting my career out just of college I jumped into the blooming desktop technology industry.  Desktop PCs and Macs were in their infancy, and the industry workers, previously thought […]

Love Without Boundaries: Update

A picture is worth 1,000 words. That may sound cliché, but for Srey Noun, a 17-year-old Cambodian girl born without hands or feet, the smile captured on camera when she was presented with custom made prosthetic […]

Local Architect Leaves Design Legacy in Harris House 

By Carol Flynn  Ridge Historical Society  George Steele Bannister was born in New York in 1860. His family moved to Odell, Illinois when he was a young boy.  Bannister earned a BS in Architectural Engineering in 1886 from the […]

Why We Moved to Beverly – Danielle and Brad Cain 

By Kristin Boza  House hunting is hard, especially when there are so many great areas of the city and nearby suburbs to check out. For Danielle and Brad Cain, Beverly/Morgan Park wasn’t on their […]

Givins Beverly Castle

By Linda Lamberty, Historian  Ridge Historical Society   Rick Kogan, beloved Chicago newspaperman, radio personality and author, and great advocate of the City’s history, is coming to the aid of our beautiful castle at […]

Think FAST… 

  Eileen McNichols MSN, RN  Director, Pastoral Care Services and Community Health  Little Company of Mary Hospital   May is the month that we really believe summer is coming. In healthcare, […]

America’s Dog & Burger Opening Soon  

By Kristin Boza  The community is getting a new hot dog and burger joint with a distinctly Chicago flair when America’s Dog and Burger opens this month at 9646 S. Western. This […]