12 Weeks of Christmas Raffle: November Surprises! 

By Brittany Wiley 
BAPA Business Liaison 

BAPA’s 12 Weeks of Christmas Raffle got off to a spectacular start with lots of people competing for creative collections of goods, services and meals from Beverly/Morgan Park businesses. For just $20 per ticket, people have a chance to win a prize that’s worth $1500! Each package has a theme to maximize the fun as well as the value 

Here’s the November lineup: 

One Room Makeover 

Drawing:  November 6 

The Week #5 prize offers the chance to renew one with the help of a design dream team led by Robin Harmon of RMH Interiors. Harmon believes there’s nothing more important than “how we live.” Home should be refuge and the most comfortable space we inhabit. A welcoming home reflects our mental state and helps keep us centered and focused on what really matters – especially important right now! With Harmon, you will be working with a client-focused professional committed to building long-term relationships that deliver beautiful interiors for functional living. 

Once you’ve conceptualized your design with Harmon, you’ll work with Jo Marie Frigo, owner of Fantasy WallsFrigo specializes in color consultation, interior/exterior painting, decorative painting, Italian plasters, and detailed prep work and repair.  She will purchase all materials from Calumet Paint & Wallpaper. 

For the perfect finishing touches, shop for unique and vintage décor from Beverly Hills Marketplace and Root Consignment. 

Horse Thief Hollow at Home 

Drawing:  November 13 

Enjoy a memorable – and delicious — evening at your house for dinner for six, custom-created by Neil Byers of Horse Thief Hollow Brewing Co.The  evening includes a menu of food and wine pairings thoughtfully crafted by Byers and his Chef de CuisineJon Tarcak. 

The evening includes a hands-on pasta making class with Chef Tarcak, who has a passion for pasta that he inherited from his Italian grandmother. Tarcak grew up eating her homemade pasta at family meals and learned the craft at her hands. Hesees pasta as a canvas for a wide range of culinary influences, not just Italian. Horse Thief Hollow patrons have enjoyed his delectable pasta in dishes such as Mexican-inspired Street Corn Cappellacci and Smoked Trout and Potato Pierogi.  

Your three--course dinner will be paired with seasonal cocktails, barrelaged Horse Thief Hollow craft beer and premium wine from Wren Hop Vineyards.  Byers is an avid outdoorsman who loves hunting, fishing and gardening. Your dinner will feature ingredients harvested from Byer’s garden or foraged by him, as well as beef from Angus cattle raised in collaboration with Chicago School for Agricultural Sciences for Horse Thief Hollow. 

Your memorable evening will be commemorated with a handmade pasta board by RPW Creations. 


Backyard Makeover by City Grange 

Drawing: November 20 

Create a new backyard escape with the help of a landscape designer from City Grange, where their mission is to remove every barrier to your gardening success. That’s true in their shops and true in their landscape design process. Designers plan for longevity in the design, installation and plant selection used to create your garden oasis. City Grange provides “the good plants” – native, pollinator friendly, organic, edible and beautiful. 

Kickstart your new 2021 garden with a “Plan & Plants” kit: The City Grange design team will discuss your needs, develop a plan and provide a palette of perennials and shrubs to get your garden going. (Labor is not included.) 

Spend the winter learning more about gardening and plants with “A Year in Flowers and The Big Book of Flower Gardening from Bookie’s. 


Take 5 for Health & Fitness 

Drawing: November 27 

Win five-class packages from five local fitness centers: Barre it All, Blazin’ Cycle, F45, Live & Believe and Treadfit. Outfit yourself for your workouts with $400 worth of shoes and apparel from Running Excels, and jumpstart a healthy renewal with a five-day cleanse from local favorite cold pressed juicery, Bani’s Beets. 

Once you’ve tried all the classes, pick your favorite and get $500 toward a class pack or personal training! 

Barre It All Fitness combines High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with a variety of strength exercises for a smart, effective way to work out. Their experts in HIIT, cardio drills, strength, barre, and yoga give clients everything their bodies need which minimizes the chance of injury. 

Blazin Cycle sessions feature mixed-intensity, music-based cardio workouts. They don’t light candles or and we don’t promise an out-of-body experience. What they do promise is training that moves clients forward togetheras instructor and member, and as a class. 

At F45, the F stands for functional training: a mix of circuit and HighIntensity Interval Training style workouts geared toward everyday movement. 45 minutes is the total amount of time for sweat-dripping, heart-pumping fun! 

Live and Believe Nutrition (The LAB), is a place to enjoy a variety of fitness classes and nutritional support, and also to live and believe. Their MindFit workouts are designed to challenge mind and body. Their philosophy: You can have the perfect routine, but until you are willing to shift your mindset, your results will stay the same. They don’t just work their bodies, they strengthen their minds to achieve more. 

Treadfit is a rapidly growing fitness brand that provides small group customized workouts from certified trainers. Each class will improve clients’ overall fitness levels using interval training on the treadmill, coupled with full-body strength training.  At Treadfit, no class is ever the same! 

Ready for the Raffle? 

Here’s how it works: Through the week leading up to Christmas, BAPA will offer a new prize package that’s composed of gift certificates, experiences and/or merchandise purchased at full retail price from small businesses and business owners in our community. Check out the weekly prizes and buy your raffle tickets at bapa.org. Ticket purchases for that week’s raffle close at 3 p.m. on Fridays. The prize drawings are at 5 p.m., and ticket sales for the new week begin immediately following. There is no ticket limit. The final prize winner will be drawn on Wed., Dec. 23.  

Support Local Businesses and BAPA 

The 12 Weeks of Christmas Raffle has inspired creative collaboration among businesses as business owners. At a time when businesses have been so hard-hit by the pandemic, BAPA is investing $18,000 in our local economy and promoting the meals, goods and services available right here in our community. BAPA hopes to raise enough money from the raffle to cover expenses; additional funds will go toward restoring the organization’s budget deficit created by loss of special event income due to the pandemic.  

Details and Tickets 

Look for BAPA’s 12 Weeks of Christmas Raffle links in BAPA’s Facebook and Instagram posts, at bapa.org and via QR codes on posters and promotional materials distributed throughout the neighborhood.  



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